The future is now

We are at the threshold of another era. It will be a thorough change which the business world has not seen yet. The modern era is over and Hyperreality begins. The future is today, we just have to recognize it. 7 key factors that are changing our reality are.

Economics of complexity

Business has gone from linear processes, through complicated systems, to finally arrive at this complex reality. Our present business world now comprises such a quantity, diversity and interdependence of factors that the ultimate effects of our actions are impossible to forecast.

Not even the best econometric models or computing technologies can effectively predict the results of business decisions. In practical terms, this means that you cannot design and execute an effective business strategy.

Free education

Unlimited Internet access has kicked off a revolution. Online platforms and social networks have altered the world irreversibly, making access to knowledge and education universal. The upheaval began with unlimited access to fast and highly effective tools for learning English. Now, knowledge of the universal language has opened the door to free and practically unlimited education.

Platforms such as MOOC enable you to acquire the most current knowledge. Until now, the world's best lecturers had been unavailable to the vast majority of society. The democratization of education is changing the economic map of the world. The global elite’s monopoly on knowledge has been irreparably broken.

Massive robotization

Robots have been around since the 1970s, and the automotive sector has been using them commercially for over 20 years. But it is only now that robots and automation are truly taking over. The cost of human labor is growing; there is a lack of workers ready to do simple, low-paid jobs; the cost of standard robots is dropping. The result is a massive commercialization of robots.

The robotization of manufacturing and automation of services are now not only technologically possible but also economically viable, and growing rapidly. The latest research shows that more than 50% of the work today being done by employees can be automated. We are now building the robots that will take our jobs.

Unlimited computing power

The rampant expansion in commonly available computing power is no surprise: the exponential growth of this phenomenon has been unchanged for 40 years. As a result, the costs of calculations and data transmission are plummeting. Every day, unprecedented possibilities for collecting and processing data open up.

Virtual reality

The third Internet revolution is underway. When the Internet was born nearly 50 years ago, nobody envisaged the scale of changes that would come from networking computers together. The second revolution was built on the ubiquity of mobile phones with high-speed Internet connections. This revolution has allowed us to collect huge amounts of data about phone users, who have become clients to the business world. Time for the third revolution. Virtual reality is no more the exclusive domain of laboratories and gamers. There is unprecedented access to the thoughts, emotions and ideas of a wide range of clients that we can read directly from their eyes. Once again, marketing and service delivery models will be turned upside. Information will always be accessible right where we need it. We will no longer distinguish the virtual from the real.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has stepped off the page of the sci-fi novel and into the real world. Its excellent capacity to learn is putting algorithms to work on an industrial scale – artificial intelligence algorithms with access to unlimited data on business processes and human decisions. AI is changing, and every day it is reshaping what we are accustomed to. As AlfaGoZero has proven, AI can expand its knowledge of optimal strategies much more quickly and efficiently by ignoring human experience. It is already an active citizen of the world. But events are rapidly pushing us towards a world in which we will one day wake up to a life managed entirely by Artificial Intelligence.

Inter-generational conflict

An unparalleled generational change is coming, as Generation Y begin to take over management-level jobs. Millennials are the most educated generation in history, and much quicker to get up to speed professionally. Global prosperity and unrestricted access to education and information have prepared Millennials for this changing business landscape better than any generation before them. Rapid demographic expansion means that the young generation will quickly equal all previous generations in number. Generation Y is already changing the corporate world and organizational culture. Only companies that find ways to engage Millennials and manage multiple generations simultaneously will survive and grow.

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