How Tesla's strategy won the race for the global battery home application market

Tesla’s Gigafactory will soon be the largest covered building ever built and, with the permission of the Chinese company BYD, the largest battery factory in the world in what has become the fight to control of one of the most important technologies for the future.

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Millennials Generation will be biggest costumer very soon. How to market them.

Find sales and marketing channels for your company again Habits and expectations of next-generation customers require a rapid change in sales methods and distribution channels. Old methods of competing for customers cause a rapid drop in product margins and a loss of market.

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Robot Surgeons are the Future of Medicine

The first documented use of a robot-assisted surgical procedure occurred in 1985 when the PUMA 560 robotic surgical arm was used in a delicate neurosurgical biopsy, a non-laparoscopic surgery.

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India use Free Internet Education to accelerate development

In India, MOOCs Are Now Part of the Education System. In December 2018, 3,800 students flocked to exam centers across India to sit exams for courses taken on SWAYAM, India’s national MOOC platform.

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Virtual Reality is changing world like smartphone did 10 years ago.

Many people are familiar with the term ‘virtual reality’ but are unsure about the uses of this technology. Gaming is an obvious virtual reality application as are virtual worlds but there are a whole host of uses for virtual reality – some of which are more challenging or unusual than others.

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