We will not avoid changes in our organizations. Thanks to our experience in managing change in the organization, we will help you quickly adopt in the new reality and face this new challenge. By using our tools you will increase the chances of success.


The Hyperreality team’s research shows that organizations currently on the market do not fully understand the need to prepare for the upcoming changes by building in adaptability. But an organization cannot be expected to undertake a huge program of change without a deep understanding of needs.

Our diagnostic tools have been tested on over 200 companies, which then made the conscious effort to adapt to the changing reality. Diagnosis aims to determine how deeply the enterprise will be affected by the changes described in the “7 reasons for the change” and how ready it is for them. A second stage of assessment estimates how effectively tools for adapting to the challenges of Hyperreality have been implemented.

The initial assessment report shows a preliminary list of recommended changes in the organization and a market comparison against the results of other companies.

In-house training

Based on the diagnosis we carry out various levels of development programs within the organization. A complete development program can only be developed on the basis of a Hyperreality Assessment.

We offer two-day workshop programs with five modules:

  • Don’t manage. Lead
  • Undermine your own strategy
  • The borderless goal-oriented organization
  • Optimize and automate all processes
  • Use the talents of all generations


Workshops provide the input, guidance and opportunity to develop tools to be implemented in the organization. Closed training programs include additional consultations and post-implementation support.

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Public workshop

The growing awareness of Hyperreality issues and our tools for adapting to change have driven the Team to develop an open training program.
The two-day training program provides a comprehensive introduction to key adaptation tools. To take part in open training, please contact us using the form below.

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